For far too long Idaho has been ranked last in education funding.

This short-changing of Idaho kids started in 2006. Then-governor Risch called a special session, shifted taxes and obliterated a stable source of education funding.  Since 2006 Idaho schools have fallen behind.   

Each year Idaho plays “catch-up.”  But each year of incremental progress leaves us in the same hole created by Jim Risch in 2006.  

Incrementalism and marginal changes have not brought us closer to meeting the constitutional test “to establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.”

Idaho needs to commit to “Excellence in Education” across the board. I will be a governor that is not satisfied with incremental changes that have us treading water just to keep up.

Why do I believe in Excellence in Education?   Because Idaho kids deserve it.   Every coach and every manager strives for excellence. We should too. 

Excellence in Education means fully funding every public school student. Supporting our libraries. Access to high quality learning starting at preschool. Paying our teachers what they deserve. Providing better mental health support to our kids.

Public education is a fundamental cornerstone in our communities from preschool all the way to community colleges and 4 year universities and every student deserves high quality education. Including all day kindergarten.

As Governor, I will not settle for incremental changes. Starting on day 1 of my administration we will work with leaders across the state to bring excellence back to our public schools. 

Jobs: If we invest in education, Idahoans will create more, better paying jobs.  

All day kindergarten:  We need to make sure our kids are getting a good education right from the start.  This is easier on mom and dad too as they can access better jobs. Research has shown that all day kindergarten results in much better outcomes for our kids.

To keep good teachers in Idaho, we need to provide competitive benefits and pay.  This leads to good education and good jobs.

We need a leader who will stand up and protect our higher education institutions that are critical links to local jobs and the economy.  North Idaho College is under attack from political extremists and in danger of losing its accreditation. This is completely unacceptable. 

Idaho’s working families need a break. Out of control housing costs, inflation and rising gas prices are squeezing Idaho families’ budgets. We need to provide tax breaks for everyday Idahoans, not just the wealthy. I would make that a top priority as governor. 

Idaho families can no longer afford to live in the town they grew up in.  We need to create solutions for housing that is affordable for working families.