How To Write In Shelby Rognstad For Governor

Write In Shelby Rognstad For The Primary on May 17!

3 Easy Steps!

When you receive your absentee ballot in the mail, color in the box and Write In Shelby Rognstad

I’m Shelby.

I’m running for Governor.

I’ve served as mayor of Sandpoint for the past six years. I was born in Lewiston, graduated from the University of Idaho and am a fourth generation Idahoan. I like to work hard. I started a bookstore, restaurant and music venue. My wife, Katie, and I have two adorable children. If you’ve lived here as long as I have, you’ll notice something.

Idaho has changed.

We need to come back together and restore our Idahoan values. Together we can:

  • Take care of our COMMUNITY with a science based approach to the pandemic and healthcare.
  • Help FAMILIES by funding Idaho’s schools.
  • Protect our PUBLIC LANDS where we hunt, fish, recreate and make a living.
  • Defend our FREEDOM by protecting our democratic system from attack.

Please join me. Let’s return decency, democracy, and Idaho values back to the state capitol.